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Who We Are

Our founders have extensive backgrounds in a wide variety of construction jobs, and both have experience in roofing sales. We decided to start our own roofing business in Clermont because we wanted more control over the type of service we offer our clients. At AGU Roofing & Solar, we promise you higher quality and better ethics. We started this business because we knew we had a great product to offer.

We know that people in Clermont often deal with dishonest contractors, poor workmanship and unprofessional labor. We’re committed to changing that with our company values and promises. Our biggest priority is happy customers, and we are willing to do almost anything to ensure that the people of Clermont choose us as their roofing contractor.

We strive to change the perception of the traditional roofer, create a great reputation and allow our families to thrive. We do this by providing unparalleled customer service, guaranteed workmanship and the best products around. Our company was founded in 2018, so we have over six years of experience behind us to show we aren’t going anywhere.

AGU Roofing & Solar isn’t like your everyday roofing company. We know that installing or repairing a good roof is only part of the equation. We focus as much on customer service and satisfaction as we do our workmanship. This means that from the first call you make to the final meeting and clean-up, we want you to be happy with every interaction with us.

Our Accreditations

At AGU Roofing & Solar, we work hard to provide you with the best roofing services possible, using high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. We are honored to have the following accomplishments as part of our growing reputation:

Our Core Values


We don’t just expect your trust - we earn it.


Except the best in service, work and products when you choose AGU Roofing & Solar.


We won’t sacrifice anything for our integrity. We’ll always be transparent with you about the costs, the process and the expected outcome.


Our roofing contractors always show up on time and clean up after themselves. Professionalism is very important to gaining your trust, and we know that.


Ultimately we want success, just like any other business. We know we aren’t successful unless our customers are happy, so that is our number one goal.

Our Team

Lorenzo Torrez - Owner

lorenzo torrez


Marcos Torrez - Owner

marcos torrez


David Ortiz - General Manager

david ortiz

general manager

Stevi Torrez - Production Manager

stevi torrez

production manager

Mario Arriaga - Production Manager

Mario Arriaga

Production Manager

Sophia Ortiz - Accounting Manager

sophia ortiz

accounting manager

Dustin Hadden - Director of Operations Solar

dustin hadden

director of operations solar

Nick Trainer - Installation Manager

Nick Trainer

Installation Manager

Jenna Tummino - Customer Service Coordinator

Jenna Tummino

Customer Service Coordinator

Armando Rosario - Estimator

Armando Rosario


Airon Parrilla - Tour Guide

Airon Parrilla

Tour Guide

Bobby Dodge - Tour Guide

bobby dodge

tour guide

Jesus Duran - Tour Guide

jesus duran

tour guide